Jumat, 13 Agustus 2010

how promotion your blog

You've got a blog? It's filled with blog content? So then the question that often comes later is how his campaign? Got a blog that is already filled with blog content, but if it then fails to read because of bad internet users who do blog promotion, blog content seemed to be somewhat redundant.

So how do the new blog promotion effective?

Ways of promotion following blog is very easy to be practiced even by those of you who only learned to create a blog.

1. Add your blog address in an email signature. Still remember how to create an email signature? Do not forget to add your blog address in an email signature.
2. Create Fans page.
3. Do not depend on one source of traffic. You can bring traffic from many sources such as from an image and blog search engines. (Read the pan Traffic from Google Blog Search and Google Image)
4. Rajin-rajinlah blogwalking. Suppose you could start from blogwalking to 10 blogs and comment. Make it a routine every day. Mathematically, a month means there are 300 blogs that you visit and comment. If a year?
5. Quick announce each new post. Every blog is updated, immediately announce if you just update it. To pass a comment like that done for example, Mas Arief Maulana here.
6. Hold a contest. Specifically SEO contest action. SEO Contests will make the contest participants and audience of the contest, coming repeatedly into your blog to find out the latest developments contests. Not necessarily a big giveaway. Could start with the ability to provide appropriate gift.
7. Tell your friends. If that's how the offline campaign. Each time you meet your friends or colleagues, on the sidelines of the conversation, you tell me if you have a blog. Specify address or name of your blog. When you need to write it on paper. Not only are your friends most likely to visit your blog, but it's possible they will also tell others.

These basic tips are adequate to the new blog promotion. But if you want to have a successful blog Blogging Secret spectacular answer.In My Secret Blogging even provide two special modules to discuss the matter of traffic.

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