Jumat, 13 Agustus 2010

blog to Alexa

You realize that being a blogger is the essence of internet marketing, why?, Well because by becoming a blogger we would be accustomed to the activity of writing that eventually we'll get used to creating content / postings on our online business website.

An internet marketer is really ideology how to build an internet business is to maintain routines and frequency of writing activities in his blog, because only by making a fresh article could make it a barometer of whether the bloggers involved in the world are serious in blogging / write writing can yield.

After all, if you suppose that happened a block-writer, it's perfectly natural, because we do not terlepad of our off-line activities as a social man, but by continuing to consistently keep the rhythm of the game in blogging, you should be able to cultivate a spirit that had piled up due to block last-writer, so you can quickly get back to activities in the world of blogging.

And very fair at all if you are ascending and descending ranks (especially auntie hiks alexa ..), because if we're busy and forget to take care of favorite blogs, often automatically tante alexa to themselves without the inevitable gendutkan.

Yes I have, we should not be affected by one's aunt. Consciously or unconsciously indeed it's been a lot of blog-new blog that grew and its booming traffic, therefore we do not go run over, could not help us-even to be willing to race to compete with their blogs.

Okay we are back again to the topic, as bloggers plus internet marketers, we are always "obliged" to update your blog / website of our business (not necessarily every day of hell ..), because with that, other than apply the tricks of SEO, we also provide information as possible -information to readers, potential customers and even to consumers who have purchased our products before though.

The articles we write on our business site is very terbantukan all if we want to learn SEO properly. Well that's usually learn SEO we get from our daily blog. With diligent visit to friends and reading blogs tricks on the blog experts SEO, we can gain much knowledge from those who can we practice in our business site.

if I may remind you, blogging is not just writing articles, but there are other components that must be your blog noticed, for example blogwalking earlier. So if you've finished writing an article and publish, soon "Namu" to the blog friends, because a lot of benefits that we get.

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